posterHOUSING RIGHTS COMMITTEE is a tenants rights organization that offers free counseling for San Francisco tenants in all types of housing, including rent-control, SROs, public housing and Section 8.

We've been fighting for the rights of tenants since 1979 when a group of seniors at Old St. Mary's Church came together to organize against condo conversions that were displacing the elderly. Housing Rights Committee counselors provide help to over 5,000 tenants a year, advising them on their rights as renters.

For Section 8 tenant counseling, please email or call for an appointment: karen@hrcsf.org or (415) 703-8634, ext. 108. 

For other tenants, we offer both call-in and drop-in counseling Monday through Thursday, 1-5pm, 703-8644, 417 South Van Ness/15th. Starting December 21, we will be at our new office space at 1663 Mission/Duboce, 5th floor. Our counseling hours will remain the same. If you come into our office for counseling, you should bring proof of income (check stub, SSI card, food stamp card, benefits award letter, etc.), but no one will be turned away because they don't have it. This does not apply if you call the office for counseling.

Our dedicated staff of volunteer counselors are trained to help tenants identify their options when they're having problems with evictions or foreclosure of the place they're living in, illegal rent increases, repair problems, the return of their security deposit, etc.

Housing Rights Committee is a membership organization. Our members make our voice strong and help us continue to support renters in need. Please make a donation to us today. See the "Donate Now" box on the bottom right column of this page.

Tenants rights information pages
Info about evictions, illegal rent increases, repairs, security deposits, tenants rights, etc. For info on the new Airbnb regulations, click here and scroll down to bottom of page. For info on the new buyout regs, click here.

Section 8/ Public Housing
Learn your rights in Section 8 and public housing

Resources and Referrals
A listing of agencies/services for tenants

How to get in touch with HRCSF staff

Volunteer Opportunities
Check out volunteer opportunities at HRCSF

Membership/ How to Donate

Tenant Counseling Service
When and where we offer free counseling

Informacion sobre los derechos de los inquilinos


Our address
1663 Mission/13th, suite 504. We're open for counseling Monday through Thursday, 1-5pm. Our phone number remains the same: 415-703-8644. No appointment is necessary unless you have Section 8 or live in public housing. If you drop in, please bring proof of income for our intake process. If you leave a message, keep it short, and speak your name and phone number clearly.

Richmond site
We now have a Housing Rights Committee Richmond branch, which offers counseling 9am-12noon Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 4301 Geary Blvd./7th. Phone number is 415-947-9085.

Section 8 tenants
For Section 8 tenant counseling, please email or call for an appointment: william@hrcsf.org or (415) 703-8634, ext. 108. Counseling is free, though donations are always welcome. Please bring in proof of income (pay stub, SSI or food stamp card, etc.) because we need to document this for a grant we receive that helps us keep the counseling free of charge.

Be a volunteer
Become an HRCSF volunteer tenants rights counselor and help clients who call or come into our free tenants rights clinic. Students can also do internships at our office. Click here for more info. Or call us at 415-703-8634 weekdays and ask for Tommi or Stephanie.

Become a member of HRCSF,  help support the work we do and keep our services free for all tenants in San Francisco. It doesn't cost much to join. Click here to be a part of our work.

We depend on donations to help keep all of our services free. If you've been helped by us, please consider giving us a little something, no donation is too small or large. Click on the "donate now" box above. Thanks!