Agencies That Help Find Housing:


Finding Affordable Housing in SF

Getting a Section 8 Voucher:

San Francisco has only 7,490 Section 8 vouchers. The waiting list is currently closed for Section 8 vouchers. The only way to get a voucher is if you are already on the waiting list or if you move with a voucher from another area. There are over 20,000 people on the waiting list.

Finding Housing with a Section 8 Voucher:

First, get a "Request for Tenancy Approval" (RTA) form from your caseworker. Next, you must find a landlord who will accept your voucher and charge less than the Housing Authority's payment standard.

You can get an updated list from the Housing Authority of vacant Section 8 units. Online you can go to www.craiglist.org and click on their housing list. Or a site called Go Section 8. Type in key word "section 8" and enter the size unit you are looking for.

Once you find a unit, have the landlord sign the RTA and return it to your caseworker. Next, the unit will be inspected to ensure that it meets housing standards. This can take as long as a month. Once it passes inspection, you may sign the lease and move in.

Read the SFHA's "Steps to Using Your Section 8 Voucher" here.

Getting into Public Housing:

The waiting list is open for conventional public housing. There are over 29,000 families currently on the list however, so the wait will probably be very long. You must be low-income to be eligible. You can apply at 440 Turk Street. Call (415)554-1200, or visit the Housing Authority's web site for more information.

If you do not need to stay in San Francisco, it is a good idea to check with other Bay Area Housing Authorities to see if they have openings as well.

Getting Housing in a HUD-Subsidized Building:

For this type of building, you apply directly with the management at each building. You will then pay 30% of your income for rent. There are often separate waiting lists for each building.  There is a list of privately, owned, HUD-subsidized housing projects available online at HUD. Type in the state and the city and the size of the rental unit you are seeking in your area. You will have to call each place to find out about vacancies and applications.
Finding Other Types of Affordable Housing:

Unfortunately, at this time there is no one place to look for affordable housing in San Francisco.  The best way to find housing is to go to an agency that will assist you in your search. Housing Rights Committee does not provide this service but below are some agencies that do.

Searching For Housing

Below are some reources to help you search for housing. You will have to do your own calling to individual housing providers and apartment managers to find out about rents and availability. 

Senior Action Network has an online affordable housing database.

St Anthony's Foundation emails a monthly list. Contact Gloria Poessy at gpoessy@stanthonysf.org to get on the mailing list.

Resource Centers for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities also compiles a list. they can be reached a 415-401-7200.

Hamilton Family Shelter has a list of resources.

The Mayor's Office of Housing has some listings of affordable (below market) units.

The HUD-subsidized list is available online here

You can a list of affordable units in your county from the State of California here.  

Some affordable units (below market) are listed on the SF Redevelopment Agency's website  here.

If you are disabled or senior, you may also want to check the Accessible Housing Clearinghouse.