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Get Your Tickets to Our Upcoming 40th Anniversary Today!

Let’s celebrate 40 years of tenant power and resilience together! Buy your tickets now. Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco (HRCSF) turns 40 and we are having a party! You are invited to join the Housing Rights Committee of San

Thank You for Supporting Housing Rights

In May we set a bold challenge for ourselves, to raise $20,000 in a month. Through all the donations we received, we raised $5000 from 50 individual supporters! Now we want to express a huge thank you to everyone that gave! These $5000 will ensure we have

Give Today and Join our $40 for 40 Years Campaign

For the last 4 decades, the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco has been fighting for the right to stay neighbor by neighbor, building by building and neighborhood by neighborhood. This year, along with rent control in San Francisco, we

No to SB 50. No to displacing low-income, working class tenants!

Tenant Rights, Neighborhood & Community Groups Oppose Wiener’s SB50 Speculation Bonus Bill Will Displace Long Term Tenants   The Dangers of SB 50: It will deregulate local residential zoning control throughout California, creating value potentials that will exacerbate real estate


The Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco opposes Senator Weiner’s bill SB 50, which would up-zone almost the entirety of all the housing lots in San Francisco with particularly significant impacts on working class communities of color and LGBT communities. Upzoning

Join our Happy Hour Fundraiser for Housing Rights!

Join us for Happy Hour, Thursday Jan 24th 5:30-7:30pm at Radio Habana Social Club – 1109 Valencia St! Come celebrate a new year and a continued fight for housing justice with us! $5-$10 donations at the door (No One Turned