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Staff and volunteers: (L-R) Carrie, Julieanne, Camila, Sara (behind Camila),
John, Ron, Stephanie, Michelle (with hand in front of face) and Teo.
(Bottom) James of the AIDS Housing Alliance and Tommi.

Like all grassroots organizations, Housing Rights Committee depends on volunteer help to provide the many services we make available to tenants throughout San Francisco.

Volunteers do many great jobs--xeroxing, collating, mailings, data entry, etc. One of the most important jobs is tenants rights counseling, advising clients who walk in the door or call for help. Tenants' problems range from illegal rent increases and evictions to lack of repairs and non-return of security deposits. We do not provide legal counsel, so you don't have to be a lawyer to be a counselor. Volunteers are trained and given a handbook to help them learn about tenants rights protections.

Volunteers also work as receptionists on counseling days (Monday through Thursday), answering the phones and instructing people on the intake process. Without them, we could not help over 4,000 people a year.

If you're interested in volunteering and being part of our exciting volunteer team, call Tommi or Stephanie at 415-703-8634 or email us at info@hrcsf.org.

(top row) Andrew, Lauren,
Kirk and (front) Jennie

John, a volunteer who's been with us
longer than any other

Chuck, one of our receptionists

Folsom who lived upstairs and used to
visit us. Rest in peace, gatita.