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At the November 16 SF Planning Commission meeting, city representatives promised that none of the Bayview vets who live in Judy Wu properties will be displaced before comparable housing is found for them. The commissioners rejected the discretionary review that a tenant in one of the Judy Wu properties filed, asking that the commission not grant her permits to demolish the units the city says are illegal. Ms. Wu is accused of subdividing single family homes into illegal units and renting them to formerly homeless vets with VASH vouchers (federal subsidies for vets). She is being sued by the City Attorney’s Office. Trial is set to start in early February 2018. Meanwhile, she has been pressured to demolish the illegal units that cannot be legalized under current city law, something she says she doesn’t want to do. Housing Rights Committee supported a legislative fix to allow the units to be legalized, but Bayview supervisor Melia Cohen ultimately rejected the idea. The city has enlisted the help of the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Services to help in finding comparable housing for those displaced by the demolition of their units.