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Thank You for Supporting Housing Rights

In May we set a bold challenge for ourselves, to raise $20,000 in a month. Through all the donations we received, we raised $5000 from 50 individual supporters!

Now we want to express a huge thank you to everyone that gave! These $5000 will ensure we have the resources that make our every day organizing possible. They will be used for many things including: 

  • Printing the materials used when doorknocking new buildings we are trying to work with
  • Getting the food for tenant meetings where neighbors are breaking bread and strategizing on how they will fight for their rights to be respected
  • Sending tenant leaders from project-based sec 8 buildings in San Francisco to DC to connect and plan with other tenants in HUD properties about how to protect and preserve these units and the dignity of the people living in them, especially in the context of the current administration.

We are celebrating 40 years of tenant power and resilience all year long, so if you were not able to participate in our $40 for 40 years campaign you can still give here, or come by the office anytime. We also have our big party on Thursday, September 19th (hope you’ve marked your calendars already) and will be having some exciting news about that soon.

This is how grateful we are to be part of such an incredible community. Thank you all for recognizing the importance of the work HRCSF does and has been doing for 40 years.