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20150302_121216Housing Rights Committee is a Membership organization. Our members make our voice strong and help us continue our work to support renters in need.

Committed members can build the tenant movement with time and regular financial contribution. A crucial part of the plan is changing how we finance HRCSF. Right now, our budget is upwards of $1 million, and it sustains the work of 20+ staff across the city in three offices working in multiple languages and in all types of private and public housing. But as we saw with the recent fight over the city budget, city money is not reliable and can have a lot of strings attached.

We are investing in a membership model to ensure our work can continue to be led by tenants. Membership also helps make Housing Rights Committee financially healthy. Your contributions keep all of our services free to tenants in San Francisco and help us lobby and organize for important tenants rights legislation and strengthen rent control protections.