Sarah “Fred” Sherburn-Zimmer, 415-703-8634 x106, is Executive Director of HRCSF. She has been doing housing and labor organizing for the last twenty years. Email:





Tommi Avicolli Mecca, 415-703-8634 x102, is director of the counseling program. Email:






Stephanie Brandon, 415-703-8634 x103, is Lead Counselor. Email:





Dani Johnson, 415-571-0506, is the Habitability Compliance Advocate for public housing. Email:




Joseph Smooke is Director of HRC’s newish tenant counseling and community organizing program for the Richmond and Sunset based in the Inner Richmond neighborhood.


Cynthia Fong - Photo


Cynthia Fong is a Chinese-American, first-generation bilingual community organizer with HRCSF. Cynthia grew up in the East Bay and went to school at Brown University to study Ethnic Studies and Community Health. Since returning to the Bay Area, Cynthia has been seeking growth and love through conversations about structures of power, capitalism, inequality, and community. At HRCSF, Cynthia seeks to build grassroots power in the Richmond District.



Alicia Sandoval is the Counselor & Organizer of the Mission District & Spanish-speaking community for HRCSF. Born and raised in SF’s Mission District, she’s Mexican-American (Chicana) and bilingual in English-Spanish. Alicia has over 20 years of experience working in the community. She has experience in advocacy, community & union organizing, and providing services. As a native San Franciscan, Alicia is invested in fighting for the rights of tenants, against evictions and displacements in the community she grew up in. Sí Se Puede!




Connie Casey provides  Administrative Support at HRCSF and is also a volunteer counselor.




Freddy Martin is a Tenant Organizer in Project-Based Section 8 buildings. Email:







Joy Lee is the Community Organizer for Housing Rights Committee Richmond office. She takes on community development issues in Sunset, Parkmerced, and Kirkham Heights to bring more power to the communities.





William Zaldana is the Section 8 Advocate. He assists San Francisco Tenants who have section 8 or project-based section 8 vouchers. He specializes in assisting tenants with rent increases, reasonable accommodation, and informal hearings at SFHA. In his free time he enjoys reading, traveling, and exploring different cultures.




Leslie Dreyer is an Anti-Eviction Organizer and Artist in Residence for HRCSF. Email:






Yelena Bolshakova is the Russian speaking counselor at the Richmond office. Yelena believes that helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.




Brad Hirn is the Anti-Eviction Organizer with HRCSF and focuses on organizing tenants to fight displacement and expanding HRCSF’s tenant leadership model.  He started at HRCSF in December 2016 after running a rent control campaign in the city of Alameda where he lives.



Matthew Tom, (415)947-9085 and (415)703-8644, is the Richmond and Mission District Tenant Counselor. He sometimes does all of the things, but usually just does some of the things.