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November 15: Rally to Roll Back the Rent!

Energized by the recent rent rollback for 500+ tenants in 34 buildings throughout SF, Veritas tenants are rallying again on FRIDAY, NOV. 15 at 4:30 PM at 1 Bush St., to roll back the rents at more buildings across SF. Join us!

Our immediate demands of Veritas are:

– Cancelation of pending capital improvement passthroughs

РRollback of ALL capital improvement passthroughs already impacting tenants

– Rollback of ALL¬†operations & maintenance rent increases ruled on prior to last year’s change in the law

Additionally, we are putting out a call to the Board of Supervisors for a citywide rent freeze on all rent-controlled apartments: No rent increases on rent-controlled apartments until the Board considers deep policy change on a fair rate of affordability to complement a landlord’s expectation for a fair rate of return. If a landlord can demonstrate financial hardship, then an annual rent increase can be granted.

With the Rent Board Commission considering new rules requiring landlords to disclose their profits to receive operations & maintenance rent increases, and with members of the Board soon holding a public hearing on passthroughs, we demand a citywide rent freeze on rent-controlled apartments to preserve this essential housing stock while we consider new policies.